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First year, Second Semester

I'd like to reflect on my second semester of the first year Fashion Photography course at LCF. It is maybe a good idea that I'm writing this article after two months of holidays, so I can see all the things with a bit of distance and not writing this when still having vestiges of a stressful mind. Hopefully, some of you will find this helpful.

london college of fashion fashion photography

Historical & Cultural Studies
We started this unit in January and it was the only purely academic unit of this year. It consisted of a 1-hour lecture per week and 2 hours long seminar following the lecture, where we had to actively engage. The lectures were super cool, although quite information-heavy so it was always to go through the academic text beforehand to understand the lecture in context. The seminars were also quite intense but very enjoyable, we were working with academic texts and later on, we focused on writing our essays which we had to hand-in at the end of the year. A specific theme is selected every year, this year we had to discuss this statement: "Dressing can... be seen as a practice of constructing identity through the materials of fashion." (Twigger Holroyd, 2017, p. 52) I chose to focus on the femininity & feminine clothing in the early post-modernism in the UK, so I've covered topics such as feminism, femininity, body, identity, fashion, gaze, politics... because fashion includes all of these and many more, it also serves as a mirror to the society. I enjoy academic writing so I also enjoyed the module and got B+.

Better Lives: Creative Direction
A unit that educates about important topics such as diversity, sustainability and social responsibility, which are all problematic topics linked to the fashion industry. The first two weeks we had to attend lectures about these topics and write a critical reflection to two of these. Later on, we had seminars in which we were split into groups and allocated to a mock up client. In my case it was NAJA, an underwear brand which is pretty good in sustainable and social responsible manners. We had to create a moving imagery, we could work within a group or by ourselves. I worked together with Haymi, a lovely girl from make-up course. I thought it might be a good idea to produce some moving imagery for instastories, as it might be super useful to have something like this in my portfolio. We had to follow the brand's values. I decided to create an additional content for their thoughtful campaign Choose Your Nudes (it is so stupid to see in some shops "nude underwear" and its colour is just like the skin of European ethnicity skin tone... but there is just so many other ethnicities, so there should be probably more variation in nude colours, right?)
So I took this super simple imagery and did 2 gifs and a short video in instastories format. This unit was pass or fail and surprise, I passed.

Fashion Spreads
1 month long collaborative unit between students from other courses. And we had to produce an editorial, together. Prior to the unit, we could choose what kind of theme we want to focus on. We could choose from diversity, sustainability, LGBT community, mainstream, mainstream edgy, independent. I chose sustainability so the group I was in together were all kinda freaks into veganism and sustainability as I am. Well, some of them bigger. Honestly, I found this unit super difficult because collaboration between people I haven't chosen to work with is obviously hard, because I don't necessarily like everyone's aesthetics. However, this was super useful I guess, as might have bossy tendencies when I really care about something. Many times I felt like no one does engage as much as I do and I felt like this is just going nowhere. I was stressing out too much, I should have just chilled and focus on collaboration outside uni instead... but actually, the final result exceeded my expectations and I actually put this editorial in my portfolio. It was also my first time having such a big team on the shoot, we were 12 I think. The photoshoot went smooth, everyone was happy with the pictures and as we had to create a layout for the editorial, I actually got into publications' graphic design and defo wanna keep progressing my skills in this area too. We had to hand-in the editorial spreadsheet and a research journal. Got A-. You can see a full editorial on my portfolio website here.

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