What I love about London


Multiculti City
If you want to meet people from different countries but don't have time or money to go everywhere, go to London. You can meet literally everyone here. London is the best place to learn from others.

Art & Creative Opportunities
If you work or want to work in a creative industry, London is the place with the most work opportunities within this field. It is also quite competitive, but once you are there, you will be also financially appreciated better than in other cities.

Art Scene & Private Viewings 
London also offers so many art and creative event and as many galleries as is in here you wouldn't find anywhere else. Almost every day there is a private viewing which is a great opportunity for how to meet local artists, meet people within the art sector here and also drink for free.

Food Markets
There are a few places in London where you can find street food from all over the world. The food is not expensive, it's super yummy and the atmosphere is just amazing.

Sometimes feels like a village
Even though London is a huge city, if you go outside the city center, it feels like a village/town and it's super calm. I also love the fact that you can live in these cute rowhouses and still being fairly central, which I prefer over living in a block of flats.

Vegan Options
Surprise, open-minded London is vegan-friendly! Nowadays, you can find vegan options pretty much everywhere and you can really experience super delicious meals. Also in regular grocery stores, you can find pretty much everything you need.

Wholefoods & Planet Organic
If you're a fan of vegan or organic stuff, you will love these two places. I haven't seen anything lie this so far.

Cheap Flight tickets 
The last point is the fact, that from London you can get flight tickets to many locations cheaper than from other cities. Yay.

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