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keeping in touch with your best friend when living thousands of miles far away can be difficult. since we met at the age of 16 we organized a short trip every year together. berlin, vienna, barcelona... and this year we chose to spend some time together in the capitol of denmark - copenhagen. 

over the years, we changed our interests when traveling. luckily  - and maybe that's why we are such close friends - we modified our interests in the same direction. we appreciate specialty coffee and cool coffee shops, design shops and cute markets over the crowded touristic places. so the tags in our map aren't the touristic attractions but cozy cafes, bars, food places with a certain vibe and aesthetics, maybe some pretty parks where we can hang out. we go to contemporary art galleries to have a look at what current or past generation have in their minds, rather than going to galleries showing artworks more than 100 years old. we don't mind waking up a little bit later because we don't need to queue to any attractions. we are also not partying till the late-night out of necessity 'we need to experience the party life in this particular city'. we just want to enjoy, because are on vacation. so no, we haven't seen the marmite. what do you seek for when traveling? what's the best way to spend your time on vacation? 

anyways, in case you're looking for a very chilled-out unposh guide, focused on art, vegan food, good coffee and nice places to hang out, continue reading. 

the bridge street kitchen /end of strandgade street/ 
food markets with international food options. many vegan options, i tried barley w mushroom from grod for around 70 kr. and it was fabulous. i heard that california kitchen, which had a stand just next to grod is awesome too (and they have vegan options). sadly, i didn't have enough space in my tummy to try it. 

 cub - copenhagen underground brewers 
stunning coffee, cozy interior. i went for oat cappuccino and wasn't disappointed. haven't seen any cakes or food though (maybe coz it was 1 hour before they closed), so if you're craving something sweet, maybe choose different place. 

a cute coffee shop located in a 'hipster' area called meatpacking district. seating outside, quite busy and no vegan options. 

kaf coffee shop (all vegan)
if you're vegan, this is a must place to go. good coffee (milk options: soy - alpro, oat - oatly), many cakes to choose from as well as all day long brunch menu, pastries and also some savory options. 

plantepolsen (all vegan)
vegan hot-dogs. i got the herb-based sausage and fried, together with a smile from the super sweet stuff. this bistro is located in the street called Jaegerborggade, which is famous for its cool restaurant, cafes, and design shops. you should definitely stop by! 

the coffee collective
a lovely interior, they have 3 locations. i visited the one in the city center, oat cappuccino wasn't perfect, i must say, havn't asked which milk they are using and the coffee itself wasn't measured accurately. so maybe go for a tea, but maybe i just had a bit of bad luck so give it a try and let me know. 

ramen to biiru
craving for some asian food? this place has the coolest vibe and 3 vegan options. 125 kr. for one dish. 

copenhagen contemporary
if you're into contemporary art, don't miss this gallery. 

prag norrebro
very famous vintage shop, prices are a bit higher but if you love vintage clothing, this is your place.

a different contemporary art gallery, located outside the city center. i rented a bike and cycled here, which took me around 1 hour 15 mins, but it was a lovely ride, towards the end i was cycling around lakes and saw some beautiful sceneries. i was able to see patricia picinni's mastepiece - a world of love, which was one of the most beautiful artwork in terms of its concept i've ever seen. 

sleep in heaven hostel
hostel we've stayed in. super cool atmosphere, happy hour from 7-8 allows meeting other travelers. it was the cheapest hostel we found... but still very expensive.  

design museum denmark
if you're into famous danish design and want to get to know more about its history, youĺl find all the answers here. and students have entrance for free! 

tjili pop
a cute pub we went to our last night in copenhagen. cozy interior, outside or inside seating, super nice stuff. surrounded by all these cool, handsome, artsy people, we even considered moving to copenhagen, haha.

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