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i am still a newborn in this big art world, however, i can share with you what i know even i don't know much. so - how i managed to be part of a group exhibition? 

 i believe that if you're a new artist, the best way how to spread your art around is through open calls or publications in art magazines. a good tip would be to follow your favorite galleries. there is many galleries how do 'open calls'. what is it? it's an opportunity for all artists (sometimes there are specific criteria who can apply) to submit your work which will be exhibited if it's selected. a great website with artistic opportunities is art rabbit. they offer also residencies.

this is the case of how i got to this exhibition in Nitra Gallery in Slovakia. i remember that i was just scrolling these artistic opportunities and then saw this open call 'faces of freedom', an exhibition which is being held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of Iron Curtain aka Velvet Revolution. This was the brief:

The project’s objective is to showcase how contemporary artists reflect upon the theme of freedom, or the lack of it. Freedom comes in various forms: freedom of the individual, society, speech, thought, religion, sexual orientation, movement, art, etc. How can we define, grasp, understand it? How do people from different countries perceive it? What does it mean to us? Do we need to fight for it? And how, by which means? What do we do when it is exploited? Where does the freedom of speech end in a world full of conspiracies, hoaxes and fake news? Today, freedom sometimes seems to resemble a jungle fight for survival rather than idealistic notions of peaceful and prosperous cohabitation, which can lead to nostalgic memories of the totalitarian golden cage in many of the post-socialist countries. What are the dangers of forgetting our past and the resulting relativism of undemocratic regimes?

Artworks which will be presented at the exhibition The Faces of Freedom will be selected from an international open call which accepts submissions from visual artists of the former Eastern Bloc, which was subjected to the Soviet Union in the period from the end of WWII until 1989. These countries and their people share similar experiences: the long-ruling authoritarian regime, the euphoric arrival of freedom in 1989 and the subsequent transformation period of the 1990s when many considered freedom superior to any and all laws…

at that time, i just finished my first editorial called Hair/y, which was also published in FGUK magazine. i wasn't sure if this piece would be suitable for a gallery as the artwork was also accompanied by an interview with Natalia, who is a Polish activist, model, and mostly a nice and kind human being who is fighting against prohibited abortion etc and trying to make people think out of their bubbles in general. however, i loved the theme of the exhibition and i felt like my artwork has something to say and it suits the brief. there was no fee for the submission so i just sent the submission together with a small description about the artwork, myself and i wrote a short text about hod do i perceive freedom. and i was chosen!

so guys, who is around Nitra, go and see it! you can see it till the end of November 2019. and who got inspired, go on art rabbit! maybe next time we will exhibit together x

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