Climate Crisis versus Corona - these are both emergencies and I demand mutual respect for all generations


For the last assignment, we had to produce imagery or a video responding to the topic of sustainability. As an environmentalist, I've decided to focus on the problem of environmental crisis. It might seem quite strange to talk about this in the times of 'corona crisis'. However, it is quite poetic to observe people struggling, and at the same time, planet recovering, because human beings are quarantined and enabled to harm the planet. I also want to bring up, that it's hilarious to observe government making all these restrictions, and it doesn't even take more than a week to change the policy. I am not playing down the corona virus crisis, not at all. But neither I am putting  the environment down in the background, just because there is another catastrophe happening right now. Because let me tell you, in future, it will also happen 'right now'. We are lucky enough, in contrast to corona, that we can predict what's going to happen with our planet, with us, if we won't change our attitudes. It is hilarious to observe people panicking  'there is no toilet paper in the shops'... well, there is going to be way more items missing when the climate crisis hits us properly, which will be very soon. And it's just so sad that the elderly and older generations, who are the groups in the highest danger of COVID-19 who are eligibly scared, are the ones often saying 'I won't be here, I don't need to take care about the planet.' Well, I might not be scared of corona on the same level as you are. But I have other scarecrows. I am scared of climate change. I've been anxious for the last year or two, as you are now. Don't worry. I am not going to play your game back and be selfish and ignore your requests for me to stay home -  I will stay home. So you can stay with us here longer. Can you, please, be polite in return? So we can also have a lovely life? I demand mutual respect across all generations. For ones, the older generation can learn from the young one too.

I just feel, that the planet or the faith / god, whoever is warning us, sadly, through a virus, which is taking its victims with it. And if we keep being blind and ignore stuff just because they are not being such obvious, yet, bad climate conditions will have worse consequences than corona. There is not such a choice, as human beings OR planet - if planet dies, we die with her. There is not such a choice, as raising economy OR planet pollution, because pollution means no life for human beings who gave economy its name and values.

I wish everyone loads of health and luck, to survive this pandemic. And when we finish, let's please, all together, remind politicians to act - now they are doing it in the state of pandemic emergency - well, again, planet is in the emergency too!

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